First Pickleball Competition in Huon a Success!

Our first ever Pickleball Competition is coming to an end, and what fun it has been! After a stellar performance from the red team this week they have managed to sneak back into third position, coming down to percentage, giving them the opportunity to play off for bragging rights next week.

Saturday 27 November - 9am Sharp 元

Green V Red for the Title (bragging rights)

Purple V Orange for the wooden spoon

Huge thank you goes to Rob Cooper (Mr Pickle, from Huon Valley Pickleball) for grading the teams and pushing us to get the first ever Pickleball competition off the ground. Thanks to all who have supported and enjoyed the competition so far.

Pickleball is an upcoming sport in Tasmania that anyone and EVERYONE can play! If you are interested in playing in future Pickleball competitions please comment on this post or message our page and we will be in touch. We are particularly interested in getting an advanced competition started early next year!

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