Manta Cobra

Manta Cobra

GST Included |

This paddle is constructed of Fiberglass/Composite skin with a Polymer Honeycomb 1/2" core. This paddle traditionally gives great control and maximum power due to its long, narrow surface. The Cobra 2G is our first elongated, half inch paddle and comes with a 5” full length handle. It weighs in between 7.3 oz and 8.0 oz.

SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced

Great for Singles play!

  • Paddle Specs

    SKIN - Fibreglass

    CORE - 1/2" Polymer Honeycomb

    WEIGHT RANGE - 7.3 oz to 8.0 oz

    WIDTH - 6 7/8"

    LENGTH - 16 3/4"


    GRIP SIZE - 4 1/4"

  • Product Warranty

    Manta World Sport will furnish, at no charge, the same or equivalent replacement pickleball paddle (no refunds will be given) if the purchased paddle cracks or breaks through normal use within 100 days of purchase. In order for a paddle to be covered under warranty, the broken or damaged paddle must be returned to Pickler's Pick Paddles with proof of purchase, to PO Box 336, Geeveston, TAS, 7116, prior to a replacement being sent.