Blurred people mingling

Beryl Farrell, Cygnet, Tasmania

As a new player it was great to be able to draw upon Rob’s experience as a Pickleball player and coach to help me select exactly the right paddle, not just the most expensive.

 I would recommend anyone who needs  a paddle to speak to or email Rob for unbiased and professional advice.

Blurred people mingling

Bianca Polley, Manager, Huon Valley PCYC

Rob’s ability to create an inclusive and positive atmosphere by putting emphasis on the fact that Pickleball is for EVERYONE has developed a culture for Huon Valley Pickleball that will enable the sport to continue on for many years to come. The inclusion of Pickleball at the Huon Valley PCYC has been incredibly beneficial for our community and we are very grateful for the hard yards that Rob has put in, he is fantastic at what he does!